Would you know what the perfect shade for your home?

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Choose one type or another curtain, undoubtedly, It will influence the personality of your home.

We teach different types of curtains to inspire and above all choose wisely when decorating your home.

Minimalista, vintage, classic, sophisticated, natural… What style you choose?



The roller blind is integrated seamlessly into any environment. Thanks to the wide range of fabrics and colors available, fits into all kinds of decorative styles as well as providing simplicity to your space.




It attaches directly to doorframes and windows without holes or screws. These curtains can provide almost total opacity. It allows you to open the window without the need to collect the estor.



This is the sliding panel vertically separating or covering windows environments maximum elegance. Brings personality to your space.



The Roman shade covers a wide range of decorative styles. It is an ideal functional and decorative curtain for all types of environments. It allows you to open the window without the need to collect the estor. Easy cleaning and maintenance.



The traditional curtain gives the space of elegance, harmony and richly decorated. They have different types of folds to suit each environment, as is the flat fold, furrowed or triple or through eyelets giving volume to the traditional curtain.



These shades add warmth to a room making it enjoyable thanks to the nobility of wood. The space then turns into a welcoming space thanks to transform light into warmth. These curtains also allow precise control of the external visibility.



These curtains are ideal to direct sunlight and maintain privacy. His aesthetic is modern and functional.



Slats vertical blind control light input precisely two movements and a rotation of up to 180. In addition to covering large, vertical curtain adapts to irregular spaces. Collection is lateral.



Adaptability and minimum collection space make it the most versatile shade. It is the ideal solution for windows with special shapes due to multiple installation possibilities.




It is an opaque fabric curtain that allows light not pass. They are typically used for windows without shutters and placed behind the decorative curtain.



Day and night blinds are a version of roller blinds but operate with a woven horizontal stripes with two textures. One of them is translucent and the other opaque. With this design, Curtain is woven with two parallel stripes with a small movement of the control curtain, we can make the most opaque stripes are parallel or otherwise playing with light intensity and intimacy we want at all times.

If you do not know what kind of curtain combine best with your home, since Oslätt we can help you.

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