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Create your own dressing

Obviously, the dressing passionate about and have one at home is an idea that fascinates us. The order is essential ...

Without category / 26 Jun 2019

9 original ideas to place mirrors in your home

You want to put a mirror in your house and do not know how? From Oslätt we show you how to place different options ...

Interior ideas / 30 Jan 2019

7 Decorating trends for 2019

Do you know what the latest trends in interior design for this 2019? If you want to redecorate your home next year, taking...

Interior design trends / 19 Dec 2018

Golden City: the exquisiteness of Eastern culture in Southeast Asia in the Gran Vía alicantina

Hand interior design studio Oslätt, Golden City Restaurant offers all kinds of oriental food in Alicante ....

Interior design trends / 03 Dec 2018

Would you know what the perfect shade for your home?

Choose one type or another curtain, undoubtedly, It will influence the personality of your home. To...

Interior ideas / 13 Sep 2018

post cover
5 tips to make extra space in small houses

Would you like to expand or save space in your home? Follow our tips to optimize the space of your home and ...

Interior ideas / 01 Aug 2018

interior details
Details that completely change any stay

Have you ever wondered how you create a unique and special stay? That environment, You do not know very well ...

Interior ideas / 16 May 2018

kitchen in the living room
kitchenette in the living room

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, Why not integrate it into the living room or the dining room? In Oslätt we tell ...

Interior ideas / 07 Feb 2018

bathroom integrated into the bedroom
Bathroom integrated into the bedroom

A few decades ago, have integrated in the bedroom was luxurious bathroom, hotels own design and ...

Interior ideas / 11 Jan 2018

perfect dressing
The perfect dressing for you

Have you ever dreamed of having your own dressing? A place where you have all your clothes, shoes and accessories perfectly ...

Interior ideas / 20 Nov 2017

interior decoration styles
Which style suits you best?

Surely you've ever visited or seen a house and you thought “That's how I want mine”....

Interior design trends / 26 Oct 2017

maintaining the historic architecture of a house
Maintaining the historic architecture of a house

If you are thinking of reforming an old house, Note that you can find very interesting pieces in its architecture ....

Interior design trends / 03 Oct 2017

minimalism yes, but with a touch of personality… and color

Minimalism has long been the star trend in interior design. stays straight, natural materials and white ...

Interior design trends / 01 Aug 2017

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