Golden City: the exquisiteness of Eastern culture in Southeast Asia in the Gran Vía alicantina

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Hand interior design studio Oslätt, Golden City Restaurant offers all kinds of oriental food in Alicante. Its cuisine offers Chinese cuisine, Japanese, Indonesa, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Korean.


The restaurant, a small oriental universe located in a space of about 300 square meter, where brand image and interior design combines, It is located in a building on the Gran Vía Alicante enjoys great natural light due to large windows that have been installed for the connection with the outside is as direct as possible.

If we think of an Asian Local maybe the associate to fast food places without any aesthetic pretension. Hence the amazing thing about this project, since joining the viewpoint of creative and artistic, It has created a unique space, singular and quiet from the outside looks like a sober place by the black color of the facade, but when you wander takes you to restaurants in the eastern countries.

The establishment, divided into two floors, It proposes different environments to enjoy oriental cuisine, as reserved, lounges and terrace, or just enjoy the service of "take-away" waiting relaxed with a cocktail in the waiting area.

But without any doubt, what is striking is the bar area. A very studied design, apart from being functional, It transports us to an Asian forest thanks to the mix of plants.

The visual cleaning concrete in small details such as the kind of furniture or coatings chosen. This is combined with a wide range of differentiated seats: wooden chairs and polypropylene, banks coated leather, comfortable sofas that invite you to choose different environments and striking for its design armchairs in the waiting area.

further, careful choice of materials and the neutrality of the color palette mainly applied in the classroom, They manage to give a cozy and comfortable to play with the typical aesthetics of those places look and mix of various types of paper with oriental prints. This makes the attention on the "Asian" origin place of the place.

Wooden panels that make up the space, besides distributing and decorate, They provide the necessary acoustic comfort with the advantage, if necessary, provide small spaces, more intimate and welcoming.

The illumination, very studied and timely with lights and decorative lamps, brings a touch of theatricality. Achieves a more spectacular, but also get an intimate and cozy use in different areas of the restaurant by the different color ranges employed.

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