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Have you ever dreamed of having your own dressing? A place where you have all your clothes, shoes and accessories perfectly ordered. Can you imagine that would save time when dressing up?

In Oslätt we make your dream come true and help you to choose the design that best suits your needs Would you like to have it in your home? Keep reading!

Available space.

The first thing you have to do is think about is the area of ​​your home where you want to place the dressing room and the space you have available, since it is not the same to have an entire room to a small space in your bedroom.

Once you clear this first step, the following will think about your needs. How many people will be dressing? What do you need to store? Clothes? Accessories? Shoes?.

In this way we can sort your content by criteria: size,color,type of garment ... but always it should be taken as a reference standard measurements:

  • Hanging wardrobe hangers 60 cm
  • Wardrobe for drawers or shelves 40-50 cm
  • free space for hanging long garments 1,05 m
  • Free short clothes hanging space 75-90 cm free
  • top shelf for storage of blankets 50 cm

If you have a small space, you must adapt it needs to maximizing every corner and if you count with a large space, Let your imagination fly, Stay tuned and the different options that we offer.

Distribution of dressing

To maximize space, We propose these four distributions where properly store all your wardrobe.

Simple distribution: This distribution is perfect when it has little space. It is to distribute the dressing on one wall, It is the closest thing to a custom closet but with a dressing area.

Simple dressing

Distribution L: This type of dressing is distributed to form a L, taking advantage of two walls of the room. This dressing can be adapted to a separate lounge area or a corner of the room.

dressing in

Distribution U: When we have more space, we can create a U-shaped dressing, taking advantage of the three walls of the room. This type of dressing rooms provide a large storage capacity.

dressing in one

Parallel distribution: If you have elongated space, This type of dressing is ideal for you. Parallel distribution storage spaces are opposite, leaving a central corridor. This type of solution is very good when we have a window in the background to provide natural light and if it is not your case,You can place a mirror to create a wider sense of space.

Parallel dressing

¿Open or closed?

The dressing rooms are beautiful both ways, but not go wrong when deciding whether or not you want doors, you must consider the following details:

  • Closed: more integrated It is when we have an open space, generate a greater sense of order and cleanliness. In addition there are multiple doors solutions that fit the space available, for small spaces better sliding doors and swing doors wide open spaces, As for finishing the range of possibilities it is wide, wood, lacados, glass..

closed dressing

  • Open: You can see the clothes at a glance, This will facilitate the task of choosing it. They are suitable for small spaces because they generate a feeling of more space by not having doors and aesthetically is very atractivo.Sin But you have to be aware that the clothes will stay clean for less time because it will catch more dust than the closed option.

open dressing

Where to place your dressing

In the bedroom: The place where you find a dressing star, either inside the room, separated by a wall or a continuous space to your bedroom.

dressing room

In an independent stay: Today it is very common to allocate a separate bedroom space to create the dressing. A place to put all your clothes, shoes, a dressing, comfortable seating and a large mirror.

dressing room

In the bathroom: Did you ever thought? The bathroom can be a very useful place to find your dressing. If you have a fairly large bathroom, you can separate the sink area and place it next to the dressing room and sectorizar independently cabin shower and toilet.

dressing in the toilet


Following our advice, the next step is to choose what kind of dressing is best suited to your home.Can we help you create your perfect dressing?



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