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Details that completely change any stay

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Have you ever wondered how you create a unique and special stay? That environment, you do not know very well why, but has something you love. The secret is in the details. And that we are going to focus on today's post. In small, or not so small, details of interior design that completely change any stay.

First, what we should think about is how to improve a stay. in space, in light, in organization… Before creating any design, it is important to study the needs that we can cover.

Another important point is to define where we want to direct attention. As everything, less is more, and the interior design is important to achieve a harmonious and balanced.

Then, let's see some examples where the details are what attract attention at first sight.

Details to consider in interior design



Having an integrated wall creates more space and storage area a balanced environment.


integrated lighting


Besides being a nice lighting, creates smooth and harmonious environments. With this type of light, we manage to illuminate strategic points of stay and draws attention precisely because of its discretion.


As headboards


In addition to winning space, creates a seamless environment in the room.


Players measurement

As the players

As a vanity inside the room is always a good choice as well as a perfect solution to take advantage of spaces. A space where having ordered all beauty products and enjoy a quiet moment in the mornings and evenings.

hidden interior storage

internal storage

Small details make the difference. And there is always something to hide for the environment clean feeling, order and space. The solution may be to create hidden storage spaces.


As inputs


We can create an entry as, where you earn a lot of storage space and create a comfortable space, both into and out of home. Who has not dreamed of such a space?


As you see, details can completely change any stay. To get home you've always wanted, Look at what you like to improve and style you like. In Oslätt we help you make it happen. Can we help you build your dream?


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