kitchen in the living room

kitchenette in the living room

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If the kitchen is the heart of the house, Why not integrate it into the living room or the dining room? In Oslätt we tell you how to do it and help you create the kitchen with which you've always dreamed of.

Definitely, space and lighting, usually the most common reasons for choosing a kitchen “open concept”. By removing walls, plenty of space and natural light is created. further, by removing these barriers, easily we get communication between different environments. This type of structure allows the cook can easily interact with the rest of the family or guests who are in the living room or dining room.

All we have clear is that the diaphanous Oslätt environments are increasingly demanded and, with good design, we can get environments like those we teach you then.

The dining room as a link

diner as a link

The dining table can be perfect for separating environments. This type of structure is perfect when we have plenty of room.

creating contrasts

creating contrasts

We can distinguish the atmosphere of the kitchen from the rest of the room creating a contrast with different materials or colors.

A double height

double height

But distinct environments united by the unevenness of the ground which provides the step.



open kitchen online, ideal for spaces L.

Balance of styles

balance of styles

It is achieved by balancing styles, colors and decoration of both areas.

Open and closed simultaneously

sliding doors

Separates the two rooms with a large sliding glass door and have an open space or separated according to your needs, thus benefiting both environments of natural light to flow unimpeded.

Floors and ceilings continuous

floors and walls continuous

Kitchen use the same floor or ceiling in the dining room it allows you to visually integrate both spaces, making them appear just one.

open partition

open partition

A partition for separating fail both environments. further, you may serve as a serving hatch or bar.

Low wall halfway up

kitchen with parapet

Separates the kitchen environment lounge with a wall halfway up. This demarcate the space and will serve also as a pasaplatos.

Unifying color

Colored unify

The kitchen and living room share the same color gives visual unit. A) Yes, both spaces seem as one.

Window and pasaplatos

window and pasaplatos

Creates a link between kitchen and living room with a window and a pasaplatos.

Now that you know all the options to be integrated into the lounge kitchen, you dare?. In Oslätt design and build the space so special.





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