bathroom integrated into the bedroom

Bathroom integrated into the bedroom

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A few decades ago, have integrated in the bedroom was luxurious bathroom, own design hotels and luxury homes. Nevertheless, for some years, this trend has been extended to reach common housing.

Having the open bathroom in the bedroom it is not just limited to large and large houses. In small houses, this may be the ideal space for troubleshooting option.

toilet with washbasin

Pros and cons of having the integrated bathroom in the bedroom

One of the great advantages of having the open bathroom in the bedroom, is the sense of spaciousness generated. Having everything open space provides a sense of space and light, that otherwise we could not have.

Nevertheless, the bath is one of the rooms where many noises occur, light and smells. So, If you do not share the room with anyone, in principle should not disturb. But, If you share your room with another person, have the fully open bathroom, It can affect your sleep or other person. Keep this in mind before designing your stay. Think about the habits you have now and you could have in the future.

Nevertheless, If you want to have this open space in your second home or vacation, you will not find it so annoying, since you'll have more time to rest the next day.

As always advise, first of all, Analyze your needs, to build the ideal space in your day to day.

Types of integration

full integration

complete integration

When we talk about full integration, we refer to create an entirely open space, where bedroom and bathroom coexist in the same room. This is the most risky option, but, definitely, It is the most visually aesthetic. Usually this kind of stay are more common in hotels and second homes, by cons we mentioned earlier.

partial integration

To solve some of the problems of light, noise and smells, we can integrate the bathroom in the room partially. That is to say, separate the two environments without ceasing to be a single room. We propose some examples:

Separation partition or wall

partial separation

Creating a partition between the two environments, you can hide some strategic points and preserve the brightest or intimate areas. You can place this wall parallel to the bed if the bathroom is next. Another option to create a wall as a headboard that simultaneously serve to place the sink or tub.

bathroom with sink behind the bed

Glass separation

By glass cubes we can physically isolate the bathroom, but not visually. The result will be the same, by solving some problems of noise and odors.

separation of glass

Now that you know all the options to be integrated in the bedroom bathroom do you dare?. In Oslätt design and build the space so special.




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