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Obviously, the dressing room We are passionate and have one at home is an idea that fascinates us. The order is essential to have all our clothes to the eye and hand. Because, There are several ways to order our shoes, long and short dresses, pants, skirts, etc. in a dressing room without taking up too much space and it is as decorative as in magazines.

Percheros, a piece of furniture, folding shelves, drawers, trouser ... are some solutions to order any type of garment.

Order for clothing

For long garments such as dresses, skirts, coats, monkeys ... as comfortable and practical to use taller racks to prevent drag, wrinkling and spoilage. Hangers provide us access to them and always be ready for use.


a piece of furniture, folding drawers and shelves can use them to store tops. Pullovers in shelves or drawers, Wool is very delicate and hang them on hangers could damage these garments. shirts, shirts and jackets on hangers, although Shirts can be stored on shelves or folding shelves also.

For the undersides: pants, skirts, shorts, leggins ... we can combine different organizers. For example, the sweat pants are very practical to hang multiple trousers at a time. For some shorts and skirts can choose hangers coat rack using forceps. The undersides with more delicate materials is better to fold and store them in drawers.


Order on footwear

To order shoes, like clothing, we can classify them in different styles and models.

The selection of shelves with shelves is ideal to have all footwear we use most orderly and sight. Simple, as economic and. A surefire!

For heels have the solution that best fits the need command-visual. Shelves with glass strip take up very little space and let view our entire collection of heels showing a nice exhibition.

 But if you prefer not to leave them in sight, as the drawers are the best solution, but it can also be used to store shoes special occasions because they are more practical and safer than boxes.

We must keep in mind the type of shoes you want to save. Removable shoemakers are great for shoes, male shoes and even boots. High boots to better use shelves or deep drawers.


Order supplements

  • Underwear: for these small items it is best to store it in boxes or drawers. Drawer separators are usually very helpful.
  • Belts: one cinturonero is indispensable in any closet or dressing. It is the best way to have all the belts saved an orderly manner.


  • Hat and caps. The shelves give comfort and practicality to these add-ons. You will have them in sight, hand-sorted.
  • Ties and bow ties: the corbateros like the cinturoneros are very practical, You can hang them several ties at a time and also take up very snowflake space. bow Ties, we can choose to keep them stored in drawers.


  • Handbags: like hats, bags is much better to be in shelves you provide access to any of them at any time.
  • Scarves and Shawls: There are many ways to save these supplements: one of them is folding into drawers and sort them by color. Also using a hanger for scarves and handkerchiefs.


Take full advantage of a dressing is very simple, It's just a matter of how we want to have ordered, what things we want them to look and what hidden.
Sliding doors can be one of the best solutions to hide anything we want, keeping this modern and sophisticated look around our dressing.

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