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5 tips to make extra space in small houses

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Would you like to expand or save space in your home? Follow our tips to optimize the space of your home and make it more comfortable.

The first thing to consider is that we can not take meters where there are none. We must be realistic. The good news is that we can visually change the space with simple changes. Plus, We can also optimize space to make real amplitude, creating a comfortable and convenient home for your needs.

5 aspects to consider to make your bigger house

Choose light colors to decorate your home

It is indisputable, a room where white or light colors predominate gives a feeling of spaciousness much higher than other strong colors. Thus, When choosing the color of the walls, tiling, ground, furniture, etc. Keep in mind this advice.

Light, More light and light!

light to make bigger

Definitely, more light, seem bigger home. To get it, the large windows will be your allies. From the ceiling to the floor, if possible. Thus, besides letting in lots of light, visually expands your house with walls not delimit. And if you count with a good view or a garden accessed from there, much better.

vertical spaces

If you can not extend to the sides, Extends upward!. In narrow land, it is best to extend the house vertically, on several floors. If on the contrary, your house is already built and has very high ceilings, You can use them to make double-height room or a loft.

Another option, It is to use the land to create storage spaces. For example, put the sleeping area on a mezzanine and under have large storage spaces, instead of having a closet occupying more space.

Open spaces

When space is limited we must seize every millimeter of the house, and for this, it is best to remove obstacles we found our way, for example, unnecessary walls and doors. And we explain the advantages open kitchen to living room O, even, the bathroom with the bedroom. Open spaces give us a feeling of greater amplitude. Eliminate barriers and light step.

In addition to open spaces, something that is also very important, It is to study well the layout of the house. Many times, after redesign the plane, We could eliminate unnecessary spaces and better use of distribution. For example, hallways, maldistribution rooms, etc.

Custom furniture

Another point to consider, custom furniture is used to adjust perfectly to space. in kitchens, bathrooms, wardrove, desks, etc. Many times, There corners with a normal cabinet did not take advantage of everything and leave unused space. In confined spaces, custom furniture, which can have more than one functionality, It is the perfect solution.


You already know how to make extra space in your home? In Oslätt we help you design your home, optimizing space and resources, you will get results that will awaken your illusion Want?

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